Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rain, rain, conflict knitting

It is the rainy season in OH-IO, and it is both nice, and annoying.  Nice because, I can sit and knit listening to the rain pelt the house, with it's soft pattering all day.  It is also annoying because, I can't really go for a run until I get some water running shoes so, I knit....knit, knit, gives me consolation in a way.

I am still working on the Bama blanket for the little guy it was ordered for, and all the hats are done but, I trade up and knit on socks for some other requests to break up the monotony a bit, and here is a set I am working on...

Presently knitting these for my friend Amy. 

TheHubs was due for socks...
Amy wanted "colorful, bright, cheerful" socks so, I picked this rainbow yarn, and due to the cast-on count it is swirling in a red/yellow barber pole pattern with green/orange/purple/blue striping in between, it's actually really pretty IRL, and you can see more solid lines in the short rows of the heel but, this shot is a bit sucky because I was leaning over the sock when I shot it with my phone, lol, the working yarn above it is a better representation of it's vibrancy.  It isn't neon-ish but, solid rainbow, pretty yarn.  I made it ribbed all the way through the cuff so that it holds up well, and adjust well to her leg.  I love knitting socks and hats so, there ya go.

Next, is the shot of TheHub's socks, he wanted another set of shorties to wear around the house, and in the summer with his sneakers.  I gotta say, it is a great feeling to have a hubby that really appreciates my hand knits, he wears the hell out of them, and always looks forward to when I cast-on sets for him, pretty cool huh?

I have a few hats that need to be cast on for other friends, and then some socks for the LittleCub, who has been patiently waiting in line for his next socks, poor kid, when it comes to large families, it is nice for the knitter to have some much purposeful knitting but, not so good for the ones that have to wait in line, lol.

Thanksgiving, AND the ManCub's birthday is this week.  MC turns 19, and is now in college, coming home to spend the week as of today for Thanksgiving.  It is actually nice he was born Thanksgiving of that year because, now that he is in college he doesn't have to be alone, or whatever for his Birthday if he doesn't want to.  

MC asked for us to pay for another tattoo, and as tempted as I was to grant his birthday wish, I said no.  I feel he is an adult now, and if he was some thing that is not a necessity, he should be the one to pay for it so, hopefully he finds a part time job, or is able to do the work program in school, and earn a few dollars, of his own to put toward school (books, food, partying,) and his tattoo.  The coolest part of all of this is that MC is learning the value of a dollar, or better yet when you don't have any dollars, he knows now what it is like to not have the option of asking Mom, and Pop for things or money, and he is handling it pretty well.  We take care of incidentals, things for his dorm, food, school stuff if you will, the rest he figures out, besides the fact that his college, is well equip with everything any student could need so, it all works out.  It is a great college, good environment, and he is happy.  What more can a parent ask for?  

Below you see a sweater I was working on last winter for a friend, well due to situations that life brings, he doesn't need it anymore so, TheHubs decided it should go to him, lol!  So, I am going to be adding a few more inches to the length of the sleeves, and a different neckline, and he will hopefully have a sweater at some point this winter.  Thank goodness winter is only about to begin, heehee, March is still considered winter right?

Superwash Merino/Silk blend sweater for TheHubs.
That is it for now, I have SO much going on with the knitting, holidays, and training for a 10K, (Running blog: http://latinasrunhot.blogspot.com/
that life is truly busy but, AWESOME!  


Just spoke with a friend, looks like I will be casting-on for a Patriots hat this weekend, yay, fun colors to play with!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Numb in November

Hola!  Wow it is that time of year where everything changes in color for the autumn season, the children have done the Trick-Or-Treat run for the year, and Thanksgiving is around the corner.  Where DID this year go?  Does it seem faster to you, the older you get?  It does to me.

"Bama" blanket for a friend's little guy...
On the knitting front this is some of what I have been up to:
Smooshy for the above blanket

Pumpkin Safety hate, Princess Kerchief, Bama blanket...

Princess dying yarn with kool-aid!

Hat modeled by my youngest is from the yarn in the middle above...

Hat from yarn dyed with Kool-Aid on the far left above...

Pumpkin Safety Hat

Kids wanted their own wash cloths so....

Gratuitous Budha Baby pick of my youngest when she was 8 months...

So that is some of what I have been up to, and it has been nice to have my knitting groove back.  Is there a disadvantage?  Yes, I get crazy with projects but, hey it's all good.

Note on the chubby baby pic...In the future when you see this photo it means something fun is going to happen either, an event is going to be announced for my local area, there will be a contest on my blog, or someone had a baby!  ;0)

FYI-I started a 2nd blog.  Reason? To separate my knitting, and domestics from my workout and running life.  I find that it makes the blog too convoluted.  Name of the new blog: www.LatinasRunHot.blogspot.com

So, now I will have this blog for my family going ons and my knitting/crafting, and the 2nd blog "Latinas Run Hot"   for my workouts, running, and healthy eating/cooking stuff to share!  Come see me there and say HELLO!!!!

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

5K Conquered!

The Starting Line Looming
Before the Run
 So, I completed my first 5K.  I never thought I would do any type of run in a time situation outside of my two miles in the Army, or the 1.5 miles in the Air Force.  The military taught me a lot, one being never give up but, I gotta say, I struggled to complete my runs in the military, and now here I am voluntarily running a 5K, and I did it!  I never stopped, and did it under my self imposed time of 40 minutes.  I did my run in 39:40, LOL, but, I did it, and my family and friend were there to keep me going.  There is nothing better than having you family at the finish line cheering you in.  My little ones ran the last 10 yards with me, and I can't tell you how much it meant to me, and how full my heart was at that moment. 

First Race, and THIS is my number???  WTH?!
Run completed, waiting on times to post.

Next, on to a harder workout plan done up by a gentleman that does P90X, (yes, I am that crazy) and the next goal is to run a 10K next year.  Am I addicted? Yeah, you could say that.  I have running shoes, (never thought twice to give a damn about real running shoes) downloaded Nike+GPS, and I also have the Nike+ Kit for my sneakers, it is an amazing little tool!!!  Between the Nike+ apps, and my music on my iTouch, everything just floats by, and the distraction is wonderful.  I have even subscribed to runners podcasts, where they create running mixes of music that last 45-60+ mins, of non-stop music, and they are made to the beat that you choose for your run.  If you want to run 60 "beats" per minute, they have music mixes for you!

Yesterday, I only ran a bit over a mile, I haven't worked out for over a week because I was under the weather but, it felt pretty good.  I got to listen to an eclectic mix of music from around the world at 50bpm and it was very cool!

Today, I will be working abs, and running.  Looking at running about 2 miles outside if the rain holds off.  The tree colors are amazing right now, and running outside would feel really good after a long work day.

ONE of the projects I am working on...the "Safety Pumpkin" hat, lol.  In real world it is a very vibrant orange with hues, and dark reddish orange speckles.  I blended 4 different dyes, brown, orange, red, neon orange, and it came out really cute.  This is the last of the batch that was originally dyed for some gentleman that wanted hunting hats and gloves so, I am using the left over to make a pumpkin season appropriate hat, lol.  More knitting to come...  ;)  TTYL!
"Safety Pumpkin" hat

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just a Little Knitting...

Eldest Daughter's Spa Cloth
Here is the mindless knitting I am doing right now.  I have already finished a cloth (of many I plan to make) for my In-Laws, and wanted to change up colors so, I started on this for my daughter to play with this green scented cotton yarn, it's fun.  I think I will go back to the blue/green/aqua for my In-Laws, and create about three more.  I am just casting on, and making difference random shapes so, it is easy but, fun all the same.  Next I will cast on a pink variegated spa cloth for my youngest daughter, then a blue variegated for my youngest Son...just a little knitting.

In other news...haha, always wanted to say that...my friend's wedding was amazing.  I felt so honored to be there, the ceremony was beautiful and traditional Christian but, the rest was anything but, traditional in the American sense.  You see, my friends are from Ghana, and the reception was all about traditional dance, rituals, clothing, and blessings.  It felt very sacred, special, and gave me a feeling of peering into a part of the world that so few people realize is there.  I wish more people would open up their horizons, if they did, they too would experience some of the most beautiful things in life, as was this wedding.  I am honored to have been a guest.

More knitting is coming, and it is a sense of relief to feel like doing it again.  I have been in a gloom, and nothing seemed appealing other than working out.  Now, I still workout, and knit at night before bed...it's nice to be back.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

August Coming to a Close? Really?!

Our youngest Princess of the bus  with Daddy after her first day of Kindergarten.
Well, the days are getting cooler, and the breezes are beginning to become more frequent.  Today's high is only 78 +/-, and it is making me get a serious itch for knitting.  I haven't been knitting much in the last few months due to work, and working out, and family life.  By the time I get home, I am exhausted, and just want to sleep but, family things need done, and kiddos need hugs, kisses and time to share their days too so, the vegging with dinner takes priority.  In anycase, I have picked up the needles again, and started some socks for TheHubs, and the "Wisp" as a wrap for myself!!!  Yes, for ME, I can hardly believe it too, lol.
My work buddy holding "Wisp" wrap with a death grip, lol.
 You can't really see the stitch definition because of the distance, and manly death grip (LOL) but, it is coming out really pretty, and has been really easy to knit.  Easy repeat for remember the "fishnet" pattern.  I hope to have this mostly done by this weekend for a wedding I am attending but, if not, I can use the wrap that came with my gown.  As I said, I have the itch to knit, and up until this recent hiatus I knit EVERYDAY so, I have missed it.
Last week brought on the new school year, there is lots to knit for my babies for the coming cold months, new hats, gloves, leg warmers for he girls, and long johns for the boy, socks all around, and maybe if time permits some sweaters or vests, I'm excited. 

Along with the new school year came my youngest's beginning of school...ugh!  My oldest started college, and my youngest started Kindergarten!  Yes, it's a spread in ages, 18, 9, 7, and 5 but, it is amazing to see their differences.  It makes being a fulltime working Mommy even more challenging, and at times makes me sad but, it is our way of life.  So, the littlest Princess started Kindy, and here she is so proud, and I am too but, it is bittersweet...

Our grey eyed cutie, in her new Kindergarten class.

Can a Mommy ever be too proud?  NAH!  Isn't she a doll?! 

Loves her backpack...
Sitting with Big Brother in the gym before class.
Time goes fast, cherish every moment, and never be afraid to give one more hug, or kiss...

I will keep knitting, and giving kisses, and hugs, and hopefully time will slow down a bit.

For the time being, I will knit on my "Wisp", and get ready for my friend's wedding, and hopefully everyone that has been effected by hurricane Ilene, are making it through the best way that they can.  I will be heading to New Jersey this Friday so, I hope the roads are usable, and everyone is back in their homes, safe and sound with their families, as soon as Godly possible.  Prayers and love to all that have endured this catastrophie.  God bless you all.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22nd!!! Already?!

Time has continued to march on as we all know it does.  I have been working, and working out, prepping for the 5K.  I have decided against the Obstical course run because, the 5K is more important to me, and do not want to run the chance of possibly injuring myself again and not being able to run the event.

I am still on the weight loss, healthiness journey, and have changed up my routine yet again to jump start my body again after it got use to the other exercises.  Running is back to a daily thing now that my hamstring, and glut are not hurting anymore, and I am really happy about that!

Knitting has taken a back seat for a while but, I am back at it with a set of socks that although they may take a while to complete in between family life, working, and working out, they are getting a few rows each night before I go to bed, and it feels like getting back to an old friend.  I have found that even though I backed away from a lot of things to help me get more focused, my knitting was one of the things I needed to get back to.  Knitting helps me relax, and just slow the clock down a bit, which I welcome after a long day at work, dinner making, laundry washing, and the Mommy/Wife life.  I love my family and my job but, recharging is a must if I am to do these things with any efficiency, lol.

A few things I have been up to since July...

My Son is a FRESHMAN!

How quickly they grow...  :'0(  Moving my eldest Son into his dorm.

Went to visit my Parents and Grandparents in Florida...(My Grandmother and Me! )

My Father, My Grandfather(Dad's Dad) and Me and my kids, minus the College Son. :(

Florida Avocados-YUM!!!

Mom, Grandma (Mom's Mom) Me and my kiddos.

My youngest and Me at the beach!!!

Tons more happened, I was in a wedding for two dear friends, and my youngest is starting Kindergarten so, now I have one going into College, and one starting Kindy, while the other two are treking along in the middle grades, waaaaaaah!

Life is good...
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Monday, July 4, 2011

Losing it…HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!


Please take time to remember our Troops that have given us the freedom to celebrate such an illustrious day, God Bless the U.S.A!!!

Well folks, it has been a LONG time, I know, and I have no excuse.  All I can say is this is why…

Bri's Blackberry 8 May 2011 326February…Me at BucaJune…

I have been dedicating my off time to working out.  In previous posts I mentioned that I was working out, and losing weight, and then dropped off.  I dropped off because I have been concentrating on dropping weight, to date 33lbs are gone, and no fluctuation back up.  I am working out 5-6 days a week, and watching my food intake, do I cheat on occasion? SURE, otherwise the carnage would be one of full boxes of Suzy Qs without thought, lol.  So, I am good 98% of the time, and munch if the need arises then get my tail back at it a little harder the next day to burn it all off.

I have gone from from curvy 14 to a curvy 8, in six months, and it feels great.  My energy levels are through the roof, and when I don’t workout because life has gotten in the way, I feel ooky so, I know it has made a difference. There is something about going into the Nike store, or Footlocker, and picking clothes off the rack without too much fuss.  To be able to wear those running shorts is nothing short of freaking amazing for me.  May I say, they really do make a difference when jogging, biking, or on the elliptical, fabric does not rub, and they really do wick the sweat away, lol.

Mom's Blackberry 8 May 2011 505Legs July 1 2011 

Anyhow, that is what has been going on, I am not finished yet, I have another 10lbs more I would like to lose, and then access my situation at that point.  I have no desire to have bone exposed, I love my curves, and feel that women with nice round hips, and a layer of curvy softness, are sexy so, I know I won’t be obsessing to the point of skeletal remains….(this is specifically to those that have shown their love to me by telling me, not to get crazy with this, lol.  Here is my promise to them…I won’t get crazy.  Winking smile  Just working up the nerve to buy a two piece but, for now a 1 piece is all I have the nerve for…Swim suit 1 July 2011So, that is it folks, I will continue my drive for my comfortable spot on the scale, and training for the upcoming 5 mile obstacle course in August, and my first 5K in September.  These just seemed to be the next natural step in challenging myself so, wish me luck, and if you are so inclined come and join me, in the mud, water, slip and slide that is the Warrior Run for August.  Fingers crossed Take Care!



Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Fitness Fight After…

5 children, and car accident a few months ago that derailed my fitness efforts for a while.  Well, I am glad to say, it is back on track, I am down 19 pounds, 11 to reach initial goal, and then, I will reevaluate, and see if I want to drop any more.  I feel better, and the pain in my hip from the car accident is pretty much history, my body feels normal.  I have gotten a rhythm going again, and a friend has loaned me her treadmill.  I am going to the gym, doing a considerable amount of ab workouts, leg workouts, chest and arms, eating much better, it isn’t really hard, I think I just hit a wall after the car accident, and felt bewildered after getting going, and having this person run into me, and derail my efforts. 
All of that is history now, and we are about to turn the corner into Spring.  I’m at about 2 miles on the treadmill at a session, and I try to do two sessions daily.  The waist is going down, 3 inches gone, 2 pant sizes that I hope to never see again.  One more pant size, and I am in single digits, and it seems so surreal to me, that it has been so easy, I feel good.  I am myself again, and things in my life may not be storybook perfect but, they sure are wonderful.  Red rose
Knitting is still going strong, I am working on a sweater that is giving me fits, repairing an afghan for a friend (my hooks have disappeared that I need to finish it…Sad smile), and the little one’s cowl is done which completes her set.
I tend to bounce around with my projects but, I prefer to finish BIG projects all at once, and the sweater is that project. 
Right now, I have a lot of things in my head and special people that light up my day so, to you, and you know who you are thank you, and I look forward to another day of laughter, and whatever comes.
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Red-light cameras would solve problem

Article written, and published by my eldest Son. Way to go buddy, I love you.

Red-light cameras would solve problem

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Real Valentines Day

Yesterday was nothing short of a wonderful experience.  Yes, to some Valentines Day is just a "Hallmark Card Day" but, to many others it is a day to celebrate love of many types, and I am in this category.  I think everyone has someone to love regardless of the type of love it is, and you do not have to give a card to show that love.  Valentines Day should be celebrated out of spirit not just to spend money so ladies, go easy on the men in your life, love comes in many forms not just card, candy, and trinkets.  Here I give my example:
My Valentine

When I arrived home, my Husband was all dressed up, and had a wonderful dinner awaiting me, it was amazing.

Red Wine Beef Tips on Bow Tie Pasta
I also received a card but, that is just how my Husband is, he thinks of the little things a lot, and well, it's pretty cool.

The kids made me Valentines Cards, and they were simply adorable.

The previous Friday my Valentine's gift to the family came in:

Junior's Cheesecake from Brooklyn, New York, YUM!
We have all been nibbling away at this amazing delacacy since last week, and I think Daddy and I will polish off the last of it tonight, while watching the "Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show" no, that may not seem exciting but, cuddled up to your forever Valentine, with cheesecake and a fireplace makes it pretty special. ;)  (We voted for the Pekingnese...and he won!)

132nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (2 DVD set)
So, on to what I have been playing with as of late?  This!
Sweater for a friend...
Which to be honest...has not been very nice to me.  First the increases looked more like YOs, and this after beating my head against a wall trying to understand the flippin' pattern, it had so many decreases at irregular intervals that it made me crazy, and try as I might (as well as a few of my seasoned knitting friends) to calculate what it said, it never added up properly to what was supposed to be the increased number of stitches at the end so....I "frogged it!"  Yup, ripped away, without a second thought, and cast it back on in the round.  I am much happier, have twice as much work done on it then I did, and it looks much nicer, no YO looking increases, and very fluid.  Much happier.  ;)

I have also decided during what has been a very trying time for my family to abandon the podcasting, and the yarn store, I will now only dye yarn for my friends, and decrease my stress levels because, the issues we have been dealing with have made my stress levels sky rocket, and one doesn't notice until your body screams at you to slow down!  So....I am.  I have decided to pull away from several things so as to simplify my life, and be able to enjoy and concentrate on the things that matter more to me.  I have a great family, and great friends, and I think I am just going to hang out with them, and knit.  ;)

Well, for now the only thing I have on my mind is a knitting event.  Do YOU have one in mind?  Is there one out there that is coming up soon?  If so, please do share with us, and I will post it here for all to see.  Looking for things in Ohio. :)

That's it...for now.  "Keep on Clickin'"